Package mulan.classifier.neural

Interface Summary
ModelUpdateRule Represents an update rule, which can be used by a learner, to process an input example in learning phase and perform an update of a model when necessary.

Class Summary
BPMLL The implementation of Back-Propagation Multi-Label Learning (BPMLL) learner.
BPMLLAlgorithm The implementation of Back-Propagation Multi-Label Learning (BPMLL) algorithm for neural networks.
DataPair Class for representation of a data-pair instance.
MMPLearner Implementation of Multiclass Multilabel Perceptrons learner.
MMPMaxUpdateRule Implementation of max update rule for MMPLearner.
MMPRandomizedUpdateRule Implementation of randomized update rule for MMPLearner.
MMPUniformUpdateRule Implementation of uniform update rule for MMPLearner.
MMPUpdateRuleBase The base class of update rules for MMPLearner.
NormalizationFilter Performs a normalization of numeric attributes of the data set.
ThresholdFunction Implementation of a threshold function.

Enum Summary
MMPUpdateRuleType The enumeration of update rules, which can be used by the MMPLearner to update its model in learning phase.