Interface Summary
LabelClustering An interface for various label clustering algorithms.
LabelNode Represents a label attribute as a node in the labels hierarchy.
LabelPairsDependenceIdentifier An interface for various types of dependency identification between pairs of labels. .
LabelsMetaData Represents meta data about label attributes and their structure.
Stratification Interface for multi-label stratification methods

Class Summary
ConditionalDependenceIdentifier A class for identification of conditional dependence between each pair of labels.
ConverterCLUS Class that converts a dataset that is originally in the format of the Clus system to a format that is suitable for Mulan.
ConverterLibSVM Class that converts LibSVM multi-label data sets to Mulan compatible format
DataUtils Utility class for data related manipulation functions.
GreedyLabelClustering A class for clustering dependent label pairs into disjoint subsets.
IterativeStratification Class for stratifying data based on the iterative stratification method
LabelNodeImpl Implementation of LabelNode, representing a label attribute and its connection within a hierarchy of labels.
LabelPowersetStratification Class for stratifying data based on label combinations
LabelsBuilder The LabelsBuilder is responsible for creation of LabelsMetaDataImpl instance from specified XML file source.
LabelSet Class that handles labelsets
LabelsMetaDataImpl Implementation of LabelsMetaData info about labels and their structure.
LabelsPair Class for handling label pairs along with their 'dependence' scores.
MultiLabelInstances Implements multi-label instances data set.
Statistics Class for calculating statistics of a multi-label dataset.
UnconditionalChiSquareIdentifier A class for identification of unconditional dependence between each pair of labels using Chi Square Test For Independence.

Exception Summary
DataLoadException The exception is thrown to indicate an error while loading the data.
InvalidDataFormatException The exception is thrown when format of the data is not valid.
LabelsBuilderException Exception is raised by LabelsBuilder to indicate an error when creating LabelsMetaDataImpl instance form specified source.