Package mulan.evaluation.loss

Interface Summary
BipartitionLossFunction Interfance for bipartition loss functions
MultiLabelLossFunction Interfance for loss functions
RankingLossFunction Interfance for ranking loss functions

Class Summary
BipartitionLossFunctionBase Base class for bipartition loss functions
ErrorSetSize Implementation of the ErrorSetSize loss function, which computes the size of the error set.
HammingLoss Implementation of the hamming loss function.
HierarchicalLoss Implementation of the hierarchical loss function.
IsError Implementation of the IsError loss function, which is simply the indicator of whether the induced ranking is perfect or not.
OneError Implementation of the one-error loss function.
OneMinusAveragePrecision Implementation of the average precision as loss function.
RankingLoss Implementation of the "ranking loss" ranking loss function.
RankingLossFunctionBase Base class for ranking loss functions